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Trademark Registration Procedure

Step1: Evaluate

- 1 Day

Prepare your favorite brand name, contact our professional lawyers to evaluate the feasibility

Step2: Application materials

-1 ~3 days

You need to fill in the application form as required and we will submit it to the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration Office)

Step3: Application Feedback

- 1 month

CNIPA will verify the Trademark application, and issue a Notice of acceptance for the application

Step4: Substantive Examination

- 3~6 months

CNIPA 's examiner will verify the Trademark application. After the examination process, they will issue a Notice of preliminary examination approval or Notifications of Trademark Rejection.

Step5: Application announcement

- 1~3 months

In case of no objection, CNIPA will publish an announcement. If there is no opposition, the government will approve the Trademark application and issue the Trademark Certificate.

Step6: Registration Complete

-1 month
Once the trademark gets registered and you will receive the National Electronic Trademark Certificate in your account, you can start using the 'R' symbol with the brand name.

Basic Documents Required Documents required for Trademark Regisration in China

ID Proof

If the Applicant is a company, we need the Scanning copy of the Business Certificate. If the Applicant is a natural person, we need the Scanning copy of the passport.

Name & Address

If the Applicant's name and the address are in English or other languages, please translate in Chinese. We can also help you with translation.

Brand Sample

The size of Trademark Brand design samples (name or logo or design) should be 5×5 cm to 10×10 cm. If the sample is in color, also provide in black and white.

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) duly executed by the applicant (Enclosed). It means that you just need to sign or seal the POA that we provide.

What Do You Receive What can you get after the Trademark Application?

Filing Application

Receipt of the Trademark Filing Application

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Notice of acceptance

Notice of acceptance for the application

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Trademark Certificate

Approval of  Registration Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Trademark Registration

China follows the NICE Classification for trademark classes. The Nice Classification is an international classification of goods and services for the purpose of register a trademark. The Trademark classification system consists the 45 classes; 01-34 includes goods and 35-45 includes services. In other words, you have to register for the Trademark only under the 45 classes in China.

In China, the Trademark is designated by the two symbols, ‘R’ and ‘TM’. The Trademark symbol ‘TM’ is a provisional symbol, used for applied but undetermined Trademarks before the Trademark Certificate. It acts as a warning symbol for potential infringers that the application, to claim the trademark is under process. The trademark symbol ‘R’ signifies the registered trademark. Once the application gets approved by the government, the ‘R’ (®) mark can be used by the proprietor for 10 years.

Yes. The official language of Mainland China is simplified Chinese Characters. If you want to protect your brands, you’d better also register the Chinese Homophones and Synonym Trademark in the same classes. Meanwhile, the Trademark Chinese Language belongs to another Trademark.

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