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  • Reporting time:2022-11-18


In the rapidly developing modern society, the traditional automobile has become an isolated information body. In the complex urban roads, the automobile, road, cloud, network, map and other elements are intertwined together to form a surging traffic artery. “Vehicle road coordination” – a new concept less than ten years old, ushered in new development opportunities around 2019. In 2022, with the gradual certification and publicity of the pilot project of “Double Smart City”, a hot “city building campaign” will be launched. What exactly is vehicle road coordination? What technology is needed? How to operate? This report will deeply interpret the technical path and urban model of coordinated development of vehicle and road from the dual perspectives of “industry” and “city”. It is hoped that while helping the development of the car road collaborative industry, the car road collaborative industry can also help the beautiful development of the city.


1. Comprehend the coordination of vehicle and road from the dual perspectives of “industry” and “city”
2. Focus on the analysis of the application and operation mode of vehicle road coordination, and clarify the development direction of the industry
3. Carry out objective analysis and prediction on the future of car road collaborative industry

Table of Contents

1、 Overview of the development of vehicle road collaborative industry
1.1 Research background
1.2 Research significance
1.3 Changes in recent years
2、 Analysis on the current situation of vehicle road collaborative industry and technology development
2.1 Analysis of vehicle road collaborative industrial chain
2.2 Atlas of vehicle road collaboration industry
2.3 Representative cases of car road collaboration enterprises
3、 Analysis on application scenario and operation mode of vehicle road collaboration
3.1 Development stage and analysis of vehicle road collaborative pilot project
3.2 Analysis of vehicle road collaboration application scenarios
3.3 Cases of vehicle road collaborative cities
3.4 Cooperative operation mode of vehicle and road
4、 Forecast of the future trend of car road collaborative industry
4.1 Challenges to industrial development
4.2 Opportunities for industrial development
4.3 Prediction of future development trend

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