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  • Reporting time:2022-06-01


Under the general trend of intelligence and networking, local basic vehicle software began to speed up mass production and launch technology validation, in which the vehicle operating system, middleware and other market applications also entered a period of flowering. With the explosion of China’s automobile terminal market demand, local basic software enterprises ushered in development opportunities. This report focuses on China’s smart electric vehicle basic software market. It will analyze the technical principles, market status, benchmark enterprises, etc. of China’s smart electric vehicle basic software in all aspects, and conduct multi-dimensional research and interpretation of the products of current mainstream suppliers and OEMs, so that people inside and outside the industry can have a more intuitive understanding of the current development process and market dynamics of China’s automotive basic software.


1. Technical disassembly and development status analysis of basic software subdivision field of intelligent electric vehicle
2. Estimate and forecast the market scale of the basic software segment of intelligent electric vehicles (operating system, middleware, virtual machine)
3 Disassemble the decision-making chain of the OEMs, conduct multi-dimensional case analysis on the local benchmark automobile basic software enterprises, and output the competition pattern of the local automobile basic software market
4 Based on the analysis of technology application status and market pattern, the future development trend of intelligent electric vehicle basic software with multi-dimensional output

Table of Contents

1、 Research on the Development Background of Basic Software for Intelligent Electric Vehicles in China
1.1 Development status of intelligent electric vehicles in China
1.2 Significance of development of automobile basic software
1.3 Drivers for the development of automotive basic software
2、 Research on Development Status of Basic Software of Intelligent Electric Vehicles in China
2.1 Market scale of automobile basic software
2.2 Application status of on-board operating system technology
2.3 Application status of vehicle middleware technology
2.4 Application status of on-board virtualization technology
2.5 Application status of on-board BSP technology
2.6 Atlas of automobile basic software industry
3、 Analysis on the Competition Pattern of China’s Intelligent Electric Vehicle Basic Software Enterprises
3.1 Evaluation elements of automobile basic software competitiveness
3.2 Competitiveness analysis of benchmarking enterprises
3.3 Competition pattern of automobile basic software
4、 Insight into the development trend of China’s intelligent electric vehicle basic software
4.1 Technology development trend
4.2 Industrial development trend
4.3 Ecological development trend
4.4 Localization development trend

Report Chart
China Intelligent Electric Vehicle Basic Software Industry Map
Market scale of China’s intelligent electric vehicle basic software from 2019 to 2025
Market scale of China’s intelligent electric vehicle basic software segment in 2019-2025
Statistics and forecast of China’s automobile and intelligent electric vehicle sales from 2016 to 2025

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