A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. This is how customers identify you in the market and differentiate you from your competitors.

The term “trademark” can refer to both a trademark and a service mark. Trademarks are used for goods and service marks are used for services.


Identify the source of your goods or services.

Legal protection for your brand.

Helps you protect against counterfeiting and fraud.

A common misconception is that owning a trademark means you legally own a specific word or phrase and can prevent others from using it. However, you generally do not have the right to use the word or phrase, only how the word or phrase is used in connection with your specific goods or services.

For example, let’s say you use your logo as a trademark for a small woodworking business to identify and differentiate your goods or services from others in the woodworking field. This does not mean that you can prevent others from using a similar logo for non-woodworking related goods or services.

Another common misconception is that choosing a trademark that only describes your goods or services is valid. Creative and unique trademarks are more effective and easier to protect. Read more about strong trademarks.

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