Time required for trademark processing in China

(1) Formal examination: After a trademark registration application is submitted, the Trademark Office first conducts a formal examination of the documents, and issues a “Notice of Acceptance” if the conditions are met. This stage takes 1-2 months.

(2) Substantive examination: After the trademark is accepted, it will enter the state of waiting for exclusion. According to the current review progress of the Trademark Office, it is expected that the review results will be available in 9-10 months.

(3) Announcement of the first instance: After the examination is passed, the Trademark Office publishes the announcement of the first instance, and the announcement period is 3 months.

(3) Approval and issuance of certificate: There is no objection during the announcement period, and the Trademark Office will issue the certificate in about 1-2 months.

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