Is it necessary to register a trademark in Chinese?

Chinese consumers are likely to find Chinese names for foreign trademarks through translation or transliteration. Therefore, it is recommended to register the Chinese version of the foreign trademark. In fact, registering a trademark in Roman characters does not automatically protect the trademark from use or registration of an identical or similar Chinese trademark. There may be several possible ways to write a Chinese trademark, either by translation or by transliteration, and especially for transliteration, there may be several available characters that sound similar and can be used.
This is why, unless the loanword has a direct and only one Chinese translation, the registration of a loanword in Romaji is not sufficient to protect the Chinese equivalent, rather than a simple translation.
If such a Chinese version already exists in another Asian country, to avoid confusion, it is recommended to ensure that the Chinese version is the same. In China, the protection of trademark exclusive rights is based on registration.

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