As an important symbol of the era of intellectual property, more and more people are paying attention to the importance of trademarks. Not only are companies acquiring trademarks, but many individuals are also trying to acquire their own trademarks, especially in the Internet age. With the continuous development of the commercial industry and the need to own a trademark when entering Tmall and online stores, trademark transfer has not only become a means for enterprises to acquire trademarks, but also an important way for individuals to acquire trademarks. trademark. So how to transfer a trademark?

The country has clear legal provisions on the assignment of trademarks. According to the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Implementing Rules of the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China:

  1. If the main trademark is transferred to another person, it is necessary to go through the transfer procedures of the registered trademark at the Trademark Office.
  2. If the exclusive right to use a trademark is transferred due to a business merger, merger, reorganization, etc., it is necessary to go to the Trademark Office to go through the procedures for the transfer of the registered trademark.
  3. If the exclusive right to use a trademark is transferred in accordance with the court’s judgment, trademark transfer procedures are also required.
  4. Since September 15, 2002, trademarks that have been applied for but not approved for registration can also be transferred or transferred through trademark application.

How to transfer a trademark has become a difficult problem for many people at present. In fact, handling a trademark assignment yourself takes time and a lot of information. Below I will introduce it to you.

  1. Power of Attorney for Trademark Agency (in duplicate); the assignee affixes the official seal or signature on the seal of the client;
  2. Trademark assignment/assignment application (in duplicate); official seals or signatures of the assignor and assignee;
  3. Copy of trademark certificate or acceptance notice (in triplicate);
  4. Copy of the transferee’s business license or ID card (in triplicate);
  5. The Trademark Office will issue a transfer certificate in about three months and announce the transfer of the trademark. The date of signature on the certificate is the date of announcement, and the assignee enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark from now on. The original trademark certificate shall be used together with the trademark transfer certificate.

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