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Copyright Registration Procedure You can get the Copyright Certificate with us at the fastest 45 working days

Step1: Documents Preparation

-3 ~5 days

Once you decide to register the Copyright in China, please prepare all the documents for the Copyright Application.

Step2: Copyright Filing

- 3~7 Days

After having received all the documents, our team will translate the application form into Chinese Simplified and file your application form along with the supporting documents. The China Copyright Protection Center (CPCC) will issue to the applicant a Notification of Acceptance of Copyright Registration.

Step3: Examination

- 30 to 45 Working Days

The application date of Copyright Registration shall be subject to the date when the Copyright Office (CPCC) receives the application, and then the CPCC will verify the application. If there is no problem, the CPCC shall issue a Notice of acceptance for Copyright Registration

Step4: Government Approval

- 1 to 5 Working Day

Upon the examination, once the Copyright gets registered and announced, you will receive the Official Copyright Certificate and we will send you the electronic copyright Certificate to you. Certainly, if you need the original Copyright Certificate, we can express it to you.

Types of Copyrights​ Protection of works, protection of rights and interests


Soft Works

Website, computer software, APP, source code


Art work

Paintings, LOGOs, comics, images, web pages, etc.


Written work

Novels, Articles, Lyrics, Screenplays, Words, etc.

Musical work

Songs, music, ringtones, arrangements, scores, etc.



Photos, portraits, animals, buildings, etc.


Film and television

TV shows, commercials, cartoons,
Movies, variety shows, videos


Engineering works

Engineering, product, Circuit diagram, clothing design


Other Works

For more copyright types, please contact us

Basic Documents Required Documents required for Copyright Registration in China

ID Proof

If the owner of the copyright is the legal entity, the Certificate of Registration/Business Certificates should be notarized and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate. If the owner of the copyrgiht is a natural person, we just need the Scanning copy of the passport.

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) duly executed by the applicant (Enclosed). It means that you just need to sign or seal the POA that we provide.

Software Code

For the Computer Software, Copyright, Embedded software, App, the source program and documents shall be submitted in First and Last 30 consecutive pages, and if the pages less than 60 pages shall be submitted in full version.

Works Sample

For the Works Copyright, we need the Samples of works. Moreover, please write the description in terms of the purpose of creation, creation process, process and originality of the work, etc.

Use of copyright

What Do You Receive What will you receive after Copyright Registration

Notification of Acceptance

Receipt of the official copyright application acceptance

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Copyright Certificate

Approval of Copyright Registration Certificate

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Works copyright registration
Art, Music, Written, Photo, etc.
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Soft works copyright registration
Software, Computer Works


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Learn More About Copyright Registration

In China, the copyright refers to the intellectual achievements that are original in the fields of literature, art and science and can be copied in a tangible form. The work should meet the following conditions:
(1) Originality. That is, the work must be independently conceived and created by the author. Only original works are protected by copyright law.
(2) Reproducibility. That is, one or more copies of the work can be made by printing, copying, rubbing, recording, video, ripping, reverse shooting, etc. But no matter what copying method are used and how many works are copied, none will change the content of the work.

China Copyright Law protects works of:

  • literature;
  • natural sciences;
  • social sciences;
  • engineering and technology created in any forms of written, oral, musical, dramatic, choreographic and acrobatic works;
  • works of fine arts and architecture;
  • photographic works;
  • cinematographic works;
  • graphic works;
  • computer software;
  • and other works by law (Article 3).

It refers to computer programs and related documents.

A computer program refers to a sequence of coded instructions or a sequence of symbolic statements that can achieve a certain function.